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Anti Police environment creates concern for officers listing their home

Selling your home is a stressful endeavor under normal circumstances. The idea of bringing strangers into your home can be unsettling. As a Police Officer this concern increases. Your home is your safe haven, its where you keep your weapons, your gear and most importantly your family. When you list your home for sale you are opening up your world to the public. Open houses, brokers opens and realtor showings are all a necessary part of the effective marketing needed to sell your home. The idea of unknown persons wandering around your home while you're not there, supervised only by a Realtor can cause you to break out in night sweats.. or day sweats if you work mids.

Many officers have turned to the assistance of fellow officers who may also be Realtors. There are a large number of officers that have taken on a career in real estate while on the job or have pursed a full time career after retirement. Its no surprise that officers do very well as realtors. Honesty, integrity, loyalty and the sincere desire to help people are the exact qualities found in today’s mega successful agents. This was the inspiration for the creation of the National Association of Law Enforcement Realtors. The website offers a referral network of licensed realtors nationwide with retired or active Law Enforcement status. This allows officers to support fellow officers while working with an agent that truly understands the unique concerns of a working Police Officer.

Conventional Realtors do not fully understand the unique concerns. Such things as removing any uniform photos, certifications and awards are not the norm for traditional home sellers. A law enforcement realtor will help stage the home and neutralize it making sure there are no obvious signs of the homeowner’s career. Storing uniforms in garment bags, securing id’s and gear as well as removing police related knick knacks prior to showings all add to the security of the home.


Mission Statement

The goal of the Circle of Blue is to bring together Officers from all across the country and to continue the fraternal bond shared by us all. assisting officers in their Real Estate transactions while supporting other officers in growing their business. Cops Helping Cops