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Keller Williams NJ
Toms River Police Dept.

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Southern California

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Keller Williams
South West FL
Irvington PD, NJ (ret)

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Chattanooga PD

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Corcoran Group
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Southold NY PD

Hiring a Realtor is all about trust

The key attributes of any successful real estate professional are honesty, integrity, loyalty, and the sincere desire to help people. All of these attributes are common in law enforcement personnel, so it's no wonder that many police officers pursue a career in real estate. The Circle of Blue is a national referral network of licensed realtors with active or retired law enforcement experience. Our goal is to help give piece of mind to buyers and sellers alike, by pairing them with experienced, trustworthy, like minded real estate agents.

Selling Your Home?

As a Police Officer, listing your home can be a stressful endeavor. Your home is your safe haven, it's where you keep your weapons, your gear and your most important asset, your family.  In today's anti police environment the idea of bringing strangers into your home can be a source of great concern. Potential home buyers are brought into every room of your house and sometimes when you are not at home. Hiring a licensed realtor with a law enforcement background gives you an extra layer of protection. As former cops these realtors are cognizant of safety and security concerns that conventional realtors are just not trained for. Call it a gut instinct or just years of training but nothing can replace the intuition of an experienced Police Officer to keep your home safe.

Buying a Home?

If you are in the market to purchase a home than you will want someone you can trust to negotiate the best deal. The fraternal bond of the Police community is a bond not found with any other profession. If you are relocating to a new area or out of state a local authority on the area is an invaluable resource.

Buying or Selling Real Estate?

If you are in the market to buy or sell real estate and would like to use the services of an association member, simply click the button to the right. Fill out our brief questionaire and an agent will be in contact with you within 24 hours.


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Mission Statement

The goal of the Circle of Blue is to bring together Officers from all across the country and to continue the fraternal bond shared by us all. assisting officers in their Real Estate transactions while supporting other officers in growing their business. Cops Helping Cops